We understand that sometimes a drain has a clog or material gets backed up and it simply needs to be cleaned. Drain cleaning here in Portland, OR is a pretty standard necessity – but not for the reasons you are thinking.Five Reasons Why You May Need More Than a Drain Cleaning

Oregon boasts many incredible historical homes. Sometimes this can mean you are living with pipes and sewer lines that are over 30 years old. Over time anything will lose efficiency, but when it comes to structures and supporting systems (like plumbing) codes change, materials are different, environmental factors can come into play and more.

Here are five reasons you should consider when you are in constant need of emergency drain cleaning:

1. There is a structural problem with your plumbing

Pipes are made to move water and other material through them swiftly. If that’s not happening and you are consistently dealing with blockages, there is something wrong with the system. You may be working with older plumbing materials that need replacement or that are sagging. The grading in your pipes may be off, causing a problematic backup down the line.

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing plumbing problems. The best solution is often the most permanent fix, as this prevents you from having to constantly call a plumber to clear up your blocked drains.

2. Trees have taken their toll

Portland is Bridge City, but it may as well be called Tree City too. While we love our trees, they can also interfere with our manmade structures, causing issues both under and above ground. When it comes to plumbing, tree root intrusion into our sewer lines is a common problem in Portland and surrounding cities like Lake Oswego or Milwaukie.

3. Wear and tear

Pipes, just like everything else, are subject to wear. As time goes on your plumbing system ages. This can cause major problems and can even create flooding throughout your home.

4. Poorly maintained pipes during the winter

While we don’t get a lot of snow here in the Portland Metro area, we do get a lot of ice. It’s easy to prevent plumbing problems caused by freezing weather by doing these simple steps to protect your pipes:

  • Detach any hoses and store them for the winter.
  • Drain and turn off outside taps.
  • Insulate exposed pipes.
  • Clean your home’s sump pump pit.

Doing the above actions can help prevent burst pipes or damage from freezing water.

5. Putting things down pipes that shouldn’t go there.

Sometimes regular drain cleaning is needed in a home because a homeowner or their children pour items down the drain that are getting lodged in there. There are common items that every homeowner should stay away from putting down the drain. These include:

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Foreign objects like Legos or action figures
  • Sanitary items like tampons or pads
  • Leaves

So, coach your children on what should and should not be put in the down a sink drain or into a toilet. A small amount of education can save you a lot of money.

Are you in need of drain cleaning services right now? Contact us today and explain your situation. We are here to help!