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Water flowing down a sink drainIf There’s Something Strange In Your Drain, Who You Gonna Call?

The answer is, of course,… Clog Busters! We have been providing quality drain cleaning and sewer services in the Portland Metro Area and surrounding cities for over fifteen years – and we look forward to helping you tackle any drain clog, large or small.

Unfortunately, clogged drains can happen at any time of the day or night. If you have a clogged drain, you don’t have to wait for help. Contact Clog Busters LLC right away and minimize expensive water or sewer damage. We service Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Hillsboro, Sherwood, Clackamas, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Vancouver, Washougal, and many other cities. If your home is in the Portland Metro area or one of our neighboring cities, we can help!

Is A Clogged Drain an Emergency?

Letting a clogged or flooded drain sit can cause health issues and lead to damages that are on par with those caused by mold or termites! Water damage can affect:

  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Appliances
  • Structural Integrity

Not only are we hoping to protect your family and home from the health problems associated with standing water, Clog Busters LLC is here to help you keep costly damages from happening to your Portland home. Our goal is to rapidly fix your clogged drain and provide you with a full examination of the cause behind your drain clog. This often includes examining sewer pipes as well as your backed up drain. By addressing sewer problems rapidly, we work to prevent future clogs.

How Do I Know If My Drain Clog Is A Sewer Issue?

Professional examination by our trained technicians will tell you if your drain clog is caused by something simple like an item lodged in your pipes – or a more complicated issue.

However, you can assume your kitchen sink clog or other drain blockage is caused by something more severe by looking for early warning signs of trouble. The most common early warning sign of a clogged or backed up sewer pipe is the regurgitation of water. For example, if you flush your toilet, water may bubble up in your tub or sink. It can sound like a coffee percolator and can look and smell pretty disturbing.

A backed up sewer line can be caused by many issues, some of which are very common in older or historical Portland homes. These include:

  • Offset pipes
  • Improper grade in a pipe
  • Sagging pipes
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Broken pipe

Fortunately, sewer line damage isn’t always the cause of a kitchen sink clog or other drain blockage! It may be as simple as a grease build up in your drains or perhaps something a child flushed down the toilet.

There are many solutions for a drain clog – and our priority is to protect your home from further damage by removing any standing, dirty water and getting your drains cleared.

Liquid Drain Cleaners vs. Plunging vs. Hydro Jetting/Snaking

Drain cleaner in plastic bottle with skull and crossbones labelMany homeowners use liquid, gel or foam drain cleaners to clear out a drain clog. In fact, over 250 million dollars of household drain cleaner is sold in the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, not only are drain cleaners poisonous to you and the environment, but they are also corrosive to your pipes.

There are many homes here in Portland that were built in or after the 1970’s, and these homes often have pipes made of PVC or ABS. While the pipes themselves are very durable, chemical drain cleaners can degrade the cement holding the pipes together. Over time, this can lead to offset or “broken” pipes.

Additionally, many of us here in the Pacific Northwest are concerned about making green choices and lowering our carbon footprint. Liquid, gel, or foam drain cleaners use chemicals like bleach and lye – and those chemicals are washed through your system, into water treatment and then out into nature. They are also dangerous to keep in the home as children and pets can often be wily and get into these toxic products. If you must have drain cleaner to hand, don’t keep it under the bathroom sink. Put it on a high shelf – out of reach.

The best way to fix a clogged drain is through mechanical means. Keep your plunger handy and our contact information on the fridge. We can service your drains using safe, chemical free methods like snaking or hydro jetting your sewer lines.  

Drain Maintenance Can Help With Home Preservation

Our beautiful Pacific Northwest cities like Portland, Gresham, Newberg, Scappoose, Wilsonville, Camas, and Troutdale are hosts to some lovely older homes, constructed before the 1970’s. While these homes have a rich history, they also likely have very thin-walled piping.

These old pipes are generally made of thin-walled stainless steel, cast iron, copper, or lead. Your steel, copper and lead pipes are most likely found underneath sinks. Cast iron piping is usually in the walls of basements and crawlspaces forming the main part of your sewer system.

In these older or historical Portland homes most drain problems occur due to rust forming in drain pipes. Regular maintenance of these drain lines can prevent backups over time. We provide maintenance schedules for these older homes, to give you peace of mind and to help preserve the Pacific Northwest’s rich architectural history. Contact us today, and we will help you find the right maintenance plan for your drain lines.

Clog Busters Can Bust That Kitchen Sink Clog!

Here at Clog Busters LLC, we are equipped to take on any clogged kitchen sink drain, any other drain, or sewer line situation you are facing. Do you have a floor drain with standing water? Perhaps your laundry line is clogged. Or you may be confronting the disastrous scenario of sewage backing up into your home. The good news: our expert team is here to assist you! We can service all of your drain lines using safe, chemical-free methods like hydro jetting or snaking your sewer lines.

Every trip to your Portland Metro home will begin with an accurate diagnosis of the problem and a professional recommendation based on your issue and your particular drain and sewer lines. Our service technicians allow you to make your own decision without using any pushy sales tactics. We are committed to not only resolving your drain issue but to leaving your home in as good of condition as when we arrived (sans the clogged drains!)

Our offer to you is simply the most effective drain cleaning service in Portland. As a Hillsboro-based business, we truly care about those in our community, and our goal is to have your drain lines running smoothly as soon as possible with the least damage to your home and the environment.

Does this sound like the drain cleaning maintenance or emergency solution you are searching for? Don’t wait, contact us today!

Drain Cleaning: FAQs

Ask a top drain cleaning company in Portland, OR.

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1. Should I Use Household Drain Cleaners?

It is not advised to use store-bought, household drain cleaners. Often, these are full of toxins and chemicals that can break down the cement within your drain pipes and cause damage.

Drain cleaning products are also unsafe for children, pets, and the environment, carrying warning labels that instruct you to keep the items out of reach. If your drains require cleaning, consult a certified drain cleaning company instead. Clog Busters is here to help.

2. What Cleans Your Drains the Best?

Two of the best methods for cleaning drains are snaking and hydro-jetting. We believe in eco-friendly drain cleaning methods, and when it comes to maintaining a chemical-free environment, both snaking and hydro-jetting pass the test.

Snaking involves putting a long, metal cable into your drain to remove any clogs. Hydro-jetting is clearing your drains with a forceful stream of water to break through any clogs, debris, roots, or other obstructions.

3. When Should You Clean Your Drains?

There are many signs of needing a drain cleaning. One of the main things that our customers call us for is standing water. This is when you notice that your sink, bathtub, or washer are having trouble draining. Often, standing water is a sign of clog (e.g., food or hair) that’s preventing the water from moving all the way through the pipes.

You might also be due for a drain cleaning if something smells off in your home, and you can’t find the source. It’s possible that you have food or something else hiding out in your pipes, which can lead to an odor over time. Also, if you hear any bubbling sounds near your drains, this could be a sign that a drain cleaning is in order.

4. How Do You Get Rid of a Plugged Drain Naturally?

The fastest way to unclog your drains naturally when you’re in a pinch is to use a plunger. You can also have us snake or hydro-jet your drains to remove any clogs without toxic chemicals in the way.

It’s best to avoid most DIY drain cleaning solutions, such as baking soda and vinegar. When it comes to drains, if a plunger doesn’t work, call the experts at Clog Busters to make sure the clogs are out and your pipes stay safe.

5. How Often Should You Schedule a Drain and Sewer Cleaning?

We recommend scheduling a drain cleaning every couple of years for the inside of your home. Sewer lines or drain cleanings in the basement should be done every 18-22 months or so.

You may choose to schedule an annual drain cleaning if you have an outdated plumbing system or known roots located by the main sewer line. As always, if you notice any signs of clogs, contact our team right away to ensure you can get those taken care of fast and affordably before they become bigger problems.

6. What Is Unsafe to Put Down a Drain?

The only thing that is safe for your drains is septic-safe toilet paper. It is not safe to put any household cleaners, sanitary products, medicine, grease, oils, or other items into your drain.

Instead, look up the proper way to dispose of these items online so that you don’t find yourself dumping them out into the sink or toilet. Not only is this safer for your pipes, but it’s also safer for the environment.

7. What Is the Cost to Unclog Your Drain?

The cost depends on the drain’s location. For instance, is it a toilet or the main sewer line? You could be looking at anywhere from $100-$300 to unclog your toilet on average, with main sewer lines costing as much as $800 in some cases.

Contact Clog Busters ahead of your appointment for a free estimate if you’d like to know how to plan. We can provide a rough idea of how much the unclogging will cost based on where the clog is and any clog symptoms you’ve noticed.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service in Portland, Oregon.

Here at Clog Busters, keeping your drains clean and corrosion free is what we do. We provide a variety of services to bust clogs at the source–along with top-notch customer service that will keep you coming back for any drainage issues.

Clog Busters offers competitive prices and high-quality drain cleaning services that don’t involve chemicals. We pride ourselves on protecting the environment with eco-friendly products and services without a laundry list of ingredients. If you need help getting rid of any stubborn clogs in your drains, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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