Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting in Portland, OR


When your sewer line needs repair, the situation can seem overwhelming and you may be uncertain of how to best solve the problem. That is is where our expert team at Clog Busters LLC comes in! We will inspect your sewer and help you find the best repairs possible. We use trenchless methods for sewer line replacement which leaves your property in better condition than traditional repair methods. One such method is called pipe bursting.

Pipe bursting allows us to replace your sanitary sewer without trenching the yard. If you are interested in this repair method, call our team to learn more. We provide pipe bursting sanitary sewer line replacement in Portland, Hillsboro and surrounding areas. No project is too large or too small for our team to handle.

How it works

Pipe bursting is a method that has been used for many years. It allows your sanitary sewer to be replaced without the need for trenching your property. In some cases, we may have to trench if there is a belly within the sewer line. A belly is, simply put, an area where the pipe is sagging, causing it to hold water.

With pipe bursting trenchless technology we only need to dig two holes. We dig one within your basement or on the outside 5′ away from your foundation over the cast-iron transition. The other hole we will dig next to the city’s curb over the city’s lateral or within the street. This allows us to make a positive connection to the city’s lateral or tap the city main.

The city code requires that there is a clean out every 100 ft which limits the length of the pull. We are able to pull up to 100’ of 4” or 6” High Density Polyurethane pipe.

Learn more about the process by watching the video below:

When you need sanitary sewer replacement, we are the team to call. We are well versed in trenchless technologies which allow us to provide you with the repairs / replacement services you need without the mess of trenching or the damage to your property.

Call today to learn more about pipe bursting in Portland. When your sewer is acting up, we are the team to call. No one will treat your property with more care than the friendly team at Clog Busters LLC.



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