Nonconforming Sewers in Portland, OR

repaired Portland sewer lineHere at Clog Busters LLC we are here to assist you with all your sewer needs. We even provide affordable video inspections of your sewer lines to determine if they are conforming sewer connections or nonconforming sewer connections to the public sewer main. Talk to us today if you need an assessment. We provide video inspections for nonconforming sewers in Portland, Hillsboro and more! We can help you get your sewer line up to city code. Whether you have a party line, a cross property line connection or a private sewer in public right-of-way, we have the solution you need!

If after a video inspection we determine you have a nonconforming sewer connection, we provide consulting services to help you find the easiest solution for installing a new sanitary sewer line, or disconnecting from a party line. This allows each homeowner their own individual conforming connection. We provide these consultations for:

  • Homeowners
  • Realtors
  • Property Management Companies
  • Contractors
  • and clients in the process of buying homes

We will also work with the city or county in order to obtain the best method of installation then provide you with an estimate as well as a video upload of the inspection.

Within the City of Portland party sewers or nonconforming sewers are common situations. The city code states that each homeowner must have their own private lateral on their property connecting to the city’s main line. If your sewer is located on someone else’s property, that’s called a nonconforming sewer connection, if your line is connected to the neighbors line, you have a party sewer line.

In some areas an easement or a temporary easement could have been granted, but making a quick phone call down to the City of Portland will help clarify the situation. We can help you with this process every step of the way.

Party Sewer Line

Party Sewer Line Graphic Illustration

A party sewer line is when two or more private sewer lines join in a single pipe before connecting to the public sewer in the public right-of-way.

Cross Property Line Connections

Graphic Illustration of cross property line sewer connections

A Cross Property Line connection is when a neighboring property runs their sewer line across a property then connects to the public sewer in the public right-of-way

Private Sewer in Public Right-of-Way

Graphic Illustration of a Private Sewer in Right of Way

A Private Sewer in Public Right-of-Way is when a private sewer line extends out past the property line into the Public sewer right-of-way before connecting the public sewer.

If you are facing any of these issues with party lines or nonconforming sewer lines in Portland, give our team a call. We will be happy to provide a video inspection and a fair assessment of how to solve your sewer line problem. We are industry experts when it comes to party lines or nonconforming sewer lines. Because we have years of experience handling this issue, we are efficient and effective in resolving the issue.

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