Catch Basin Cleaning Service in Portland, OR

catch-basin-leaves-300x144-300x144At Clog Busters LLC we are passionate about helping you keep all your drains clear and your sewer lines smoothly flowing. One drain often forgotten is the catch basin or storm drain. We are experts in maintaining and cleaning storm drains / catch basins in Portland. It is important to keep this drain clear and properly maintained.

A catch basin is an inlet that goes into a storm drain system. It usually includes a grate where storm water first enters. It also includes a sump which captures sediment, debris and pollutants.

The Efficiency of Storm Drains

Top_down_storm_drainStorm drains are a wonderful asset to your property. But their efficiency depends upon a variety of factors. The capture efficiency of your catch basin depends on:

  • Catch basin placement
  • Catch basin design
  • The frequency of maintenance
  • Flow rate
  • Pollutant loading and particle size

If you want to improve the efficiency of your catch basin you should implement frequent maintenance, including cleaning and clearing your storm drains and catch basins. We provide catch basin maintenance plans, so talk to our expert technicians today. You can also implement the use of catch basin inserts to improve the functionality of your system. These inserts for your storm drain remove oil, debris, sediment and even chemicals. They can be dropped directly into your basin in some cases, while others will require retrofit construction. Talk to us about the best option for you system.

Maintenance Plans

The reason maintenance is so important to your catch basin is because over time the basin will become filled with sediment and debris. Through proper maintenance you can prevent this problem. Your catch basin should be cleaned when the amount of sediment is greater than one third the distance between the bottom of the basin and the water line.

If you have a storm drain in an industrial area, you should clean it once per month at least or more frequently if the sediment accumulates above the one third threshold.

Did you know? Maintaining your catch basin reduces street flooding, minimizes annoying odors and prevents the pollution of our community’s waterways. Catch basin cleaning is an environmentally friendly choice!

Call today to learn more about maintenance and cleaning of catch basins and storm drains in Portland, Hillsboro and surrounding towns.

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