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It’s Great for Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you’re facing sewer problems at your home or business, you need a company that can accurately diagnose and solve the problem — fast! No matter how extensive your issue might be, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve found Clog Busters.

Our team offers over a decade of experience evaluating and repairing sewer problems here in beautiful Rose City. We also utilize cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in Portland, a trenchless sewer repair method, to fix your sewer line without a trace. Not only is this repair service danger-free to your landscape but also long-lasting and effective.

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What is Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)?

CIPP lining is a trenchless sewer construction method, meaning that it requires little to no digging. It’s also significantly faster than other sewer repair and replacement methods.  

First, we’ll insert a flexible liner into your existing pipe, inflate the liner, and cure the new pipe inside of the old one using steam or UV light (more on this below). This process restores your sewer pipe to like-new condition, keeping you from having to get a new sewer pipe.

Compared to traditional excavation methods, CIPP lining is highly efficient and cost-effective. CIPP lining and other trenchless technologies save homeowners thousands of dollars, plus a lot of wear and tear to their landscapes.

Below is a before and after video of a CIPP project. The client’s backyard was over 115 feet long, but we were able to access the sewer directly through their cleanout, which allowed our team to fix all of their issues without having to dig a single hole or disturb any plants in their beautiful garden.

Our Process | CIPP Lining in Portland

When you request CIPP lining in Portland from our experts, here is what you can expect:

1 – Inspection

Whether you’re located in the Pearl District, Sellwood, or Arlington Heights, we’re happy to come to you. Clog Busters serves all areas of Portland, including North Portland, Northeast Portland, Norwest Portland, Southeast Portland, Southwest Portland, and South Portland. 

Before we get started with your CIPP lining, we always begin with a thorough inspection of your existing pipes. Sometimes, there might be other solutions that have not been considered that may better solve your sewer problem. We use sewer inspection cameras to determine if CIPP lining will work with your system and solve your problem.

2 – Setup and Prep

Once we have determined that CIPP lining will best serve your needs, we measure the sanitary sewer to get a proper measurement for your new sewer line to be inverted through the cleanout or open pipe.

3 – Remove Roots and Debris

Next, we clean your sewer line with a high-pressure jet to remove all debris, roots, or blockages from the pipe.

4 – Insert Liner, and Establish Sewer Connections

Then, we insert the liner into the sewer pipe via a cleanout, open pipe, or manhole. Once the pipe is inverted with the bladder, we run the camera up the line to verify the pipe has reached its destination and is inflated all the way. 

Once this is determined, cameras are pulled out, and steam is introduced into the line. This forces air to the end of the line and out of the steam hole. Once the steam has been introduced to the liner for an appropriate time frame, the bladder is inspected for the final time to reestablish the sewer connection if needed.

5 – Conduct Quality Control Test

Finally, we conduct a series of quality control tests to ensure your new system works properly before we leave. If you have any questions at all about your CIPP lining in Portland, our technicians are at your service. 

Benefits of CIPP Lining

  • No Landscape Damage: With traditional sewer line replacement and repair methods, technicians must dig a trench to expose your sewer pipes. CIPP lining doesn’t require trench digging or other invasive methods unless there’s a major offset or another obstacle not allowing a cured-in-place pipe.
  • Fast Installation: CIPP lining saves a great deal of time and effort. The procedure can be performed quickly without too much disruption to your daily life or business operations. 
  • Budget-Friendly: You may save money going with a CIPP lining rather than a traditional excavation method, depending on the nature of your problem.

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When it comes to repairing your pipes, you need a dependable, local company with experience. When you choose Clog Busters for your CIPP lining in Portland, that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

From quick response times to professional, quality service, we are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for when you work with our expert team.

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FAQs About CIPP Lining 

Answers From One of the Leading CIPP Lining Companies in Portland, OR

1 – Is CIPP Lining Safe?

Yes, CIPP lining is a trenchless pipe repair method that’s safe for new pipes and old pipes alike. It requires little to no digging, making it better for the environment. 

It’s also safer for our CIPP lining contractors, as we oversee the full CIPP liner installation through special video recording equipment that captures everything in real-time. 

There won’t be any disruptions to your home or the surrounding areas as long as we confirm that CIPP is suitable for your unique pipes. That means that you can still enjoy your backyard just as much as you enjoy the rest of Portland, including the Oregon Zoo, Japanese Garden, downtown, malls, theaters, and more.

2 – Can You Use Water During the CIPP Liner Installation?

No, it is best not to use water while your CIPP liner is getting installed. That means steering clear of anything that utilizes massive quantities of water (e.g., the shower, washer, and dishwasher). You should also avoid flushing the toilet or discarding any liquids into your sink or bathtub. 

The reason that it’s important not to use water is that you won’t be connected to the public sewer during the installation, so you could risk the water backing into your home if you use too much of it. When you arrange a CIPP liner installation with Clog Busters, we’ll provide instructions beforehand so that you know what to expect during the trenchless sewer repair.

3 – How Long Is the CIPP Liner Curing Process?

The full installation happens in 12-24 hours in most cases. After this time, we’ll perform quality control checks to ensure the curing and installation were both successful.

The curing is important to ensure the liner sticks well to the inside of the pipes, standing in place of your old, worn-down, or damaged pipes. As long as the curing is complete, and we confirm everything looks good, you may feel free to use your water again.

4 – How Long Does the Cured-in-Place Pipe Last?

You can expect your CIPP liner to last anywhere from 10-30 years on average. The liners may also be good for up to 50 years with the right installation. That gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about pipe problems or water backups for as long as the linings are intact.

Proper curing is integral to your CIPP liners lasting as long as possible. We will use the utmost precision during the installation and perform various quality control checks to make sure the lining is up to code, stable, and ready to work for decades.

5 – What Is the Cost of CIPP Lining?

The average cost for CIPP lining in Portland ranges from $80-$250 per foot. It’s more affordable than replacing your old pipes with new pipes, and it’s less disruptive than other sewer repair methods. You also won’t need to stress about spending any extra money on repairing your lawn or sidewalk afterward because CIPP lining is a safe, dig-free pipe repair method. 

Clog Busters prides itself on providing clear, transparent service to our friends and neighbors in Portland, Oregon’s largest city. We offer pricing upfront and are more than happy to give a free estimate for your trenchless sewer repair service.


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