Rain Drain Cleaning in Portland, OR

rain-432770_1920-1024x653Here in Oregon, we experience our fair share of rain. One system that is critical to the protection of your home during rains storms is your gutter and downspout system. When these systems become clogged and no longer provide the drainage you need, you can wind up with damages to your home and foundation. Talk to us about rain drain  cleaning in Portland, Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

A properly functioning gutter system will pull rain off of your roof in a controlled fashion. Then your gutters will pull the water through a downspout. This downspout will flow into a rain drain. This simple process is extremely important. When rain cannot drain through your downspout or gutters it will damage your property in the following ways:

Roof damage: Rain water will pool on your roofing system, causing damages to the roofing material. This can eventually cause leaks into the interior of your home damaging even more of your belongings.
Siding damage: If rain water is not properly drained, it will splash over the side of your gutter system and cause damage to your siding.
Foundation and Landscaping damage: When water is not pulled away into a rain drain in a controlled fashion, it will flood your landscaping and even your foundation. This can cost you countless dollars in repairs down the road.
Ice damming: If you experience extremely cold weather after wet weather, a blocked drain spout can cause ice to build up against your building and roof causing further damages.

Common Gutter and Drain Issues

The most common problem gutters and rain drains face is clogging. Debris can build up quickly and cause your system to fail. Some common items that clog gutters and rain drains are the following:

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Insects
  • Animals
  • Nests
  • Shingle granules (and other damaged roofing materials)

We recommend having your gutters and rain drains cleared at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall for optimal performance.

When you are in need of rain drain cleaning in Portland, give our expert team a call at Clog Busters LLC. We are always committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we look forward to ensuring your home is ready for the next rain storm ahead.

What Customers are Saying

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