Sewer Line Repair for Homeowners

Your household relies on your sewer line every day. Without a properly functioning sewer line, you may find yourself with a plethora of issues and problems. Sewer line repairs can be fairly straightforward, while others are more complicated.

At Clog Busters, we’ve seen it all when it comes to sewer line repairs. We encounter few surprises these days, thanks to decades of combined experience among our team members. In this article, we’re sharing our expertise to help you determine:

  • When a sewer line repair is necessary.
  • How to identify the signs of a faulty sewer line.
  • How to fix a broken sewer line.

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How Do I Know if I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

Before we dive into how you can go about fixing your sewer line, let’s take a look at some indicators that point to the need for a professional sewer line repair:

  • 1 – Cracks
    Extreme temperatures or worn pipes can lead to cracks in your sewer line. Shifting ground and other interferences can also lead to damage that requires repair.
  • 2 – Corrosion
    Corrosion, as well as shifting pipes, can lead to blockages in your sewer line, especially if the pipes are corroded enough to impede flow or a shift has caused a dent in your sewer line.
  • 3 – Tree Root Interference
    Tree roots can grow around and eventually burst into your sewer line. Repairs are almost always necessary for tree root interference and the damage can range from minor to extensive.
  • 4 – Faulty Joints
    The joints in your sewer line can give out over time. Even if your pipes look okay, the joints are crucial for a properly functioning sewer line. Repair joints as soon as possible to ensure your sewer line works.

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Household Signs You Need a Sewer Line Repair

While the signs described above are helpful if you can physically see your sewer line, there are other signs that you may notice inside or around your home that are easier to identify. Here are the top signs to look for that may at first appear benign, but can actually indicate a problem with your sewer line:

  • You notice strange smells around your home.
  • Your drains are draining slowly or not at all.
  • Your toilet is making gurgling sounds or “bubbling.”
  • You notice mold on your walls.
  • Puddles or soft spots appear in your yard.
  • You suddenly have a pest problem.
  • Your toilet backs up when you flush.

You may notice one or two of these signs, or several. Regardless, we encourage you to take these signs seriously and take action to request a sewer line repair as soon as possible.

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Sewer Line Repair: How to Get the Job Done

Sewer line repairs start with diagnosis. A thorough diagnostic should always be performed by a professional.

An expert is necessary because a diagnosis requires running a camera through your pipes, marking the location of the problem, and ensuring that below-ground obstacles like utility lines and sprinklers are marked. You may even need a permit from the city to get your repair underway. A professional will help guide you through any requirements necessary before beginning your diagnosis and repair.

Once the nature of the problem has been evaluated, you’re ready to get to work. Well, at least the team you have hired. It is important to note that this type of repair is not something you should tackle on your own or take lightly.

Professional plumbers know a great deal about sewer lines, what can go wrong, and how to set things right again. While homeowners can easily handle some household repairs on their own, sewer lines require expertise and professional tools.

While your line is being repaired, know that there could be a great deal of noise. Most repairs can be taken care of within a day or two at the most. However, you should prepare for some disruption to your day. While professional crews do everything they can to minimize noise, you may want to have young children or pets stay with a sitter if they are particularly sensitive to unpredictable or loud noises.

Once your line is finally repaired, you can enjoy a fully functioning sewer line once more. Be sure to ask any questions you may have before the crew leaves, including any preventative maintenance measures they recommend or things you can do in the future to prevent similar issues from happening.

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Sewer Line Repair | Hillsboro, OR

When you need a sewer line repair in Hillsboro, Beaverton, or elsewhere in the Portland metro area, give Clog Busters a call! With over 15 years of experience in our industry, our reputation speaks for itself. We are always eager to help new clients and look forward to performing the exceptional sewer line repair your household deserves.

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In addition to our sewer repair services, we also perform waterline replacement and drain cleaning services. To keep all of your household pipes healthy and happy, you need a trusted technician from Clog Busters.

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