The leaves are falling, the days are shorter – it’s officially fall! With the new season comes new “to-dos” around the house. If you haven’t already gotten your seasonal home maintenance checklist put together, don’t worry! We’ve written it for you!

Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean out the gutters, downspouts, and outdoor drains
  • Rake up any leaves by your house
  • Prune back any trees and shrubs
  • Inspect and repair any signs of damage in the foundation, roof, or siding
  • Level out and seal cracks in walkways
  • Fix the outdoor lighting on the porches and walkways
  • Shut off water to exterior faucets and detach hoses before the first freeze
  • Seal any interior gaps and add weather stripping as needed
  • Get your chimney, furnace, and vents cleaned
  • Break out the warm clothing and put away summer shorts and bathing suit
  • Prep the house for guests by cleaning/unclogging drains, patching/painting any dings in the walls, preparing the guest room, and making room in the coat closet
  • Give your home a quick once over with a vacuum cleaner and dust rag

Each season presents new maintenance needs and challenges. If you need help getting your drains or sewer ready for guests, contact us today!