The Pros of Repiping


If you have an older home in the Portland area, odds are high that it still retains the original waterline piping. Unfortunately these old pipes were comprised of galvanized steel which is prone to corroding. As time wears on the corrosion builds and can lead to some inconvenient problems for your plumbing.

So why replace your waterlines?

Poor water pressure: Do you turn on your hot water and find that the pressure is not as strong as it should be? This could be due to old galvanized steel water lines that are corroding. The build up that has formed in the pipes prevents your water pressure from being as high as it should be. Hot water pipes are usually the first to demonstrate this tell tale sign.
Rusty water: When your pipes corrode they will eventually contaminate your water and make your water undrinkable. If your water is looking discolored or rusty, it may very well be a sign that it is time to replace your waterlines.
Foul smelling water: If your water has a bad odor, this could be indicative of corroding waterlines.
The solution: Contact our team at Clog Busters LLC for repiping. We will replace your old corroded waterlines with new copper or PEX piping. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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