SQUARE_Ridgid-Sewer-Cameras_200x200If your drains stop draining or your sewage backs up, the problem could be coming from a number of places, but the bottom line is that you need a solution fast. Video inspections are easily the fastest way to achieve the correct diagnosis for your plumbing issue. Sewer scopes are fitted with high quality video cameras so our plumbers can identify the exact spot and the exact issue with certainty. This avoids unnecessary services to quickly solve your plumbing issues the first time.

Navigating the Inspection Process

Successful video camera inspections start with high-quality camera equipment. As the sewer scope snakes through the pipes and search out the problem, the inspection is displayed on a brightly lit monitor and simultaneously recorded on a DVD to later review.

The visual confirmation that a video inspection provides is assurance that your plumbing issues will be solved correctly the first time. This eliminates the guesswork of finding the problem, meaning a clear-cut plan that avoids unneeded services and costs.

We understand precisely how frustrating it can be if your plumbing is out of commission. Don’t waste time letting an amateur simply guess at the problem: pinpoint the exact cause with a video camera inspection! Call us today at 503-680-8947 to remedy any plumbing issue you may have.