garbage_disposalGarbage disposals are a great convenience, but they can be just as much of a hassle if they break down. Here are a few quick, simple tips to help you troubleshoot your disposal if it stops working, and to help you decide when to call in the professionals. Just remember to be extremely mindful if you troubleshoot your disposal – your safety is highly important!

There is a seemingly endless list of foods that can’t go down the disposal- celery, rice, potato peels, just to name a few. It is almost inevitable that some of those troublesome foods will make it down to the disposal and cause a clog, or even that safe foods will cause problems as well. To check for a clog, use a garbage disposal wrench or another tool that is long enough to reach the disposal and attempt to gently spin the blades. If they do not move, there is probably a blockage. Try plunging the drain, or disconnect the power supply to manually free the blockage.

If your disposal seems as if it won’t turn on, try unplugging the cord from the power source or check the breaker if it is hardwired. Also examine the disposal to see if the rest button has popped out.

For Stubborn Disposals

If your garbage disposal does not respond to these tips, call our professionals at 503-680-8947. We have years of successful plumbing repairs under our belts – just ask our hundreds of loyal customers!