Leaky_FaucetA leaking faucet wastes water and money. Is there a quick fix? These are a few basic tips to help you troubleshoot your leaky faucet. If you notice sudden changes in your plumbing or your faucet still leaks, call in a plumbing professional to protect your plumbing and your property.

To start troubleshooting your sink first, turn off the water to your sink at the valve and with the sink handles. Remove the decorative covers of the sink handles with a flathead screwdriver. Once the underlying sink handle is visible, remove the screw that mounts the handle. You may wish to loosen it with CRC or WD-40. Then, gently remove the loose sink handle with a flathead screwdriver.

Removing the handle typically exposes a packing nut: remove the nut to access the stem that transports water to the faucet. Remove this stem by twisting or by prying it with a flathead screwdriver. Under the stem, a washer and an O-ring should be evident: if these items are damaged or ill-fitting, take them to your hardware store for a quick replacement.

Professional Assistance

If your sink continues to leak, or if you notice sudden changes in your plumbing, call in a plumbing professional. A quick, affordable, and tidy plumbing team is a necessity you can’t pass up! Call our plumbing experts today at (503) 680-8947.

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