When you hire a professional, you expect them to act… well, professionally! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The following plumbers disrespected their customers, their employers and employees, and the profession itself with their bad behavior.

Falsified Documents

Australian investigators are looking into the case of Jason Cooper, who is accused of forcing an employee to submit false paperwork to the trade union Royal Commission. It seems that Cooper wanted to convince the commission that he followed proper disciplinary protocols before firing employees, when he really just fired them. The documents contain fake payroll slips and fake employee records.

Stealing From the Boss

Joshua Veach of Oklahoma was making a living as a plumber, but it looks like he wanted some action on the side. Veach is in jail, awaiting trial for stealing more than $6,000 worth of plumbing equipment and tools. That’s not a good strategy for promotion!

Money First, Work… Never

Rodney Morales of Georgia has been accused of taking his customers’ money and never returning to do the work they paid for. Some clients have been tangled up in litigation for 10 years, trying to recoup their losses. Morales is proof that you should always research the plumbing company you hire, because his business had an F rating with the BBB when most of the work took place. (Or, rather, when it didn’t take place!)

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