A clogged drain can become a big problem, fast. No one knows that better than Clog Busters! Because so many homeowners have had to resolve a drain issue, it’s natural to hope that there is a better way. One thing the internet may tell you to try for fixing clogged drains: a can of Coca-Cola.

Does Coke Unclog Drains?

Sodas like Pepsi or Coca-Cola can clean the grime off of pipes because of their acidity. However, this is not a quick solution because these sugary sodas leave behind their own film: sugar syrup. If you’ve ever dealt with a sticky soda stain, you probably know that everything seems able to stick to sugar syrup.

A better quick and natural solution for fixing a drain blockage is to use vinegar and baking soda. We have the formula for this right here.

What to Do When a Conventional Solution Doesn’t Work

Many homeowners turn to liquid drain cleaners when baking soda and vinegar don’t work. Unfortunately, this can cause its own series of problems. Many Portland homes are plumbed with PVC or ABS pipes, which are glued together using cement. When you pour a liquid cleaner down these pipes, the chemicals that attack everything clogging your sink will also degrade the adhesive which holds the pipes together – causing a leak later on down the road.

Additionally, many people here in the Pacific Northwest care deeply about the environment. Caustic drain cleaners are not a green way to get rid of a clog.

There are many reasons a clogged drain isn’t resolving. It could occur because of offset pipes, tree root invasion, poorly set pipes that aren’t at the right grade or are sagging, or a broken pipe. When you have a sink, toilet or tub that is regularly backing up, call a professional. No amount of drain cleaner, Coca-Cola, or baking soda and vinegar will resolve these issues. Only a proper examination of the problem can provide a long-term resolution.

What if My System Was Installed Before 1970?

You may be thinking that your plumbing system dates back before 1970, so drain cleaner can be used on tougher, metal pipes. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. Piping installed before the 1970’s is often made of thin-walled metal like stainless steel, cast iron, copper, or lead. Chemical agents can react in a variety of ways to these metals – and some metal pipes may have rust issues that are causing chronic drainage problems.

Regular maintenance can help you prevent backups and resolve a lot of the problems you are encountering with your pre or post 1970’s drainage system. Clog Busters LLC provides drainage maintenance plans for Portland homeowners of all kinds. We can handle systems from any age, so if you live in a historic Portland home or a new house, we are here to help.

Contact us today to set up a drain cleaning plan – and to take advantage of the great discounts we offer!