Here are Clog Busters LLC, we know how hard it is to find a reliable contractor or construction-related company. Many homeowners who have chosen to work with us have shopped around, talking to other plumbing companies and interviewing contractors and technicians. Some of them have even had one or two bad experiences with shady contractors in the past, or have used a “friend of a friend” and received poor service.

We all live here in the Pacific NW and Clog Busters is owned and operated locally, so we hate to see our friends and neighbors suffer through a bout of bad contractors. That’s why we are providing you with a list of eight questions to ask any contractor or construction company – before you hire them. We fully expect you to ask us these questions, too!

1. What is your CCB Number?

Any construction company or individual you hire must have a Construction Contractors Board Number. If they don’t, you shouldn’t be working with them. You can use this number to look up information about the person or company, find out if they are legitimately licensed for the work you need done, and more. Clog Busters LLC’s CCB number is 200212.

2. Are you insured?

A contractor or construction company should be insured. This covers both property damage and injuries caused by the contractor’s work – and worker’s compensation. Basically, by carrying insurance, the contractor or construction company is showing you that they are taking responsibility for their technicians and their work. We are insured here at Clog Busters LLC.

3. Who will be at my home, providing the estimate or doing the work?

Many construction companies have one person assigned to doing estimates and others who are technicians or are specialists. Be sure to find out who you will be working with and share any comments or concerns you might have about having workers on your property before the project or estimate is undertaken.

4. How will you be communicating with me?

While a short project may just require a phone call or two, longer construction projects really should be kept to written communication as much as possible. That way any changes or price updates are reflected by written consent, and no confusion or gouging can occur.

5. Are there areas of uncertainty in my project?

When it comes to construction, there is often one or two areas of concern. Here at Clog Busters, we may be doing a video probe into your sewer. The area of uncertainty would be that we don’t know what we will find – so we cannot give you an estimate beyond the actual video inspection. But, once the inspection is completed, there will no longer be any uncertainty and we can provide you with all of the necessary information and solutions for your sewer issue.

This can’t always be said for every construction project. Remodels are particularly fraught with uncertainty as sometimes tearing out drywall can reveal structural problems, asbestos, or mold. Find out what your contractor is keeping an eye on before the project begins. This will give you a better ability to anticipate potential issues.

6. What’s the schedule?

In an emergency situation like an overflowing drain, we are available 24/7. However, if you are seeking other services like non-conforming sewer service, drain maintenance, sewer repair, and more, you will likely be scheduled into our workflow. Here at Clog Busters, we make sure to coordinate our services with your timeline. However, not every contractor is as organized or works with diligence to be as convenient as possible. Larger projects may take several days and may begin early in the day, so be sure you understand the expected time frame and schedule before it begins.

7. Are permits necessary to complete this job?

Specific construction projects will require permitting. Be sure to understand what permits are needed and what the schedule for obtaining them is. Often, permits will affect the speed at which your project gets done, so this is an important question to understand.

8. How will you clean up at the end of the day?

Longer-term projects can get messy. Be sure to find out what steps your contractor will take to both protect your property and keep things clean during the project.

At the end of the day, we want you to have a great experience with our office staff and our team. So, be sure to ask any question – big or small – about your project at any time.

Are you ready to get started with drain cleaning, maintenance, or sewer repair? Contact us today! We provide upfront pricing and free estimates.