Probably one of the least enjoyable parts of any sewer repair is seeing a repair company digging an enormous trench along your sewer line. While this is occasionally necessary, less invasive repair options may be available to you. Here at Clog Busters LLC, we offer trenchless sewer repairs in the form of:

Pipe Bursting

This is a trenchless technology that only requires two holes. The first is in the basement and the second is next to the city’s curb. This allows us to use your previously installed sewer line as a guide for your new line. We can pull the new line through your old one – bursting the old pipe as the new one is pulled through.
To find out more about this technology and to see a visual representation of this technology in action, be sure to take a look at our Pipe Bursting webpage.

Directional Drilling

This trenchless method requires a little more room to set up than needed for pipe bursting, but it works along the same lines. We set up connecting holes, one in your basement and one next to your city’s curb. Then, we bore a pilot line through the ground, beneath your yard, streams, roads, or any other obstacle. Once the pilot hole is drilled, we can drill the line and then pull your piping through the trenchlessly-drilled holes.

Find out more about this process and watch a video that explains the whole procedure on our Directional Drilling webpage.

Video Inspections

Prior to the development of video inspections, we had to dig up and look your sewer pipe visually. Now we can send a camera down your sewer line, inspecting every inch and recording the inspection as we go. This allows us to discover what is happening with your sewer line without exposing it.

Point Repairs

In the past, we had to dig out a line with a crack or with root intrusion and disturb the surrounding area to replace the broken piece of pipeline. Now we can do this point repair through trenchless technology, utilizing video to watch as we pull your new piece through the pipe and position it properly.

If you are experiencing sewer issues and you don’t want your entire yard or walkways dug up, be sure to contact us here at Clog Busters LLC. We are dedicated to using the most modern technology so as to prevent disturbance in your home and yard as much as possible!