Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling in Portland, OR

SQUARE_27318834_s-300x201Facing sewer damages is both unpleasant and stressful. And trying to decide upon the best repairs for your sewer line can feel overwhelming. That is why our team at Clog Busters LLC is here to help alleviate your stress. We will inspect your sewer line and help you determine what repair method is the best for your situation. We employ methods using trenchless technology. This means less damage to your landscaping, less mess and a lower cost for repairs.

One such trenchless method we employ is directional drilling. Directional drilling allows us to repair pipes without digging up a trench in your yard to get to those pipes. If you are interested in directional drilling in Portland for sewer repairs, contact our team right away.

How does it work?

Directional drilling allows us to drill a new 4” or 6” sanitary sewer line with the same methods of Pipe Bursting. We will drill one hole in the basement or 5’ from the foundation of the property. The other hole will be next to the city curb or over the city main for a new sewer tap. With the directional drill we do need to have room for set up. Sometimes our hole at the house may be a little bigger, as this will allow us to get the proper grade when we do a directional drill.

Directional drilling allows us to control the grade from one hole to the other.

When the the pipe is successfully installed we make a positive connection with sheer bands connecting with the ABS pipe at the house, and PVC piping within the city’s right away.

Finally every sewer is inspected by a city inspector with a water test and a camera to make sure the grade is satisfactory and meets the necessary code requirements.

Check out this video to learn more about the concept behind directional drilling:


Here at Clog Busters LLC we recognize that each and every job we perform is unique. Some jobs are simple projects while others are more elaborate. Our goal is to ensure your sewer line is repaired completely before we consider a job complete.

Most sewer line replacements take around 2-3 days. The only time you will be without service for your sewer is when the Clog Busters LLC crew is working on the sanitary sewer replacement or spot repair. When we leave for the evening, you will have a temporary connection set up allowing you to have your facilities back in service. Our goal is for the project to be handled in a timely manner so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible

If you are looking for a quality solution for sewer line replacement, talk to us about sanitary sewer line directional drilling in Portland. We will help you determine if this service is right for you.



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