A video sewer inspection is a great option for homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers. The inspection is a simple, non-invasive way to find out what is going on inside your sewer system.

Here is a quick breakdown of what a sewer inspection consists of – and when it’s a good idea to call in Clog Busters LLC for a video sewer inspection.

What is Involved in a Video Sewer Inspection?

A video sewer inspection is a simple process where a camera attached to a cable is pushed through your sewer system. We stay on the surface and watch the course of the camera, noting any problems with your system. These may include root intrusion, broken lines, blockages, non-conforming lines, and more. We can also review the camera footage after the cable and camera have been removed, ensuring the inspection is thorough and complete.

A video inspection is a simple, high-tech method of diagnosing issues with your sewer, without having to dig up your basement and yard.

Do I Need a Video Sewer Inspection?

Video sewer inspections are a straightforward and affordable way to determine the health of your sewer system. This non-intrusive piece of technology can be used in many circumstances, including:

  • During a home inspection. If you are buying a new home, a video sewer inspection can tell you if you are going to have problems with your sewer system right off the bat. This type of inspection can also be used by home sellers hoping to preempt any unexpected issues coming up during the inspection contingency period.
  • Before a remodel. If you are remodeling your home, it’s a great idea to inspect your sewer system first. This especially holds true if you are going to be adding/making changes to your plumbing or doing updates to your basement. Sewer problems can cost a lot of money – so it’s always better to avoid issues by taking advantage of simple, inexpensive technology like a video sewer inspection.
  • When you are experiencing problems with your sewer system. Issues like drains that constantly back up, clogs and more can be signs of unknown, deeper sewer issues. Find out what exactly is going on with your system by getting a video inspection.

Here at Clog Busters LLC, we are pleased to be able to offer simple solutions like a video sewer inspection. Utilizing this service can save you money, help keep your sewer system working properly, and keep your real estate deals from falling apart at the inspection stage. If you are considering getting a video sewer inspection, let us know. We would be happy to explain the process further and set up an appointment to look at your system.