No one likes having to deal with a clogged drain. Minimally, a drain clog is unsightly and annoying – at worst it’s a health hazard.

A sink that drains slowly or needs to be constantly plunged may be a warning sign that something more is wrong with your system. Your sewer could be experiencing root intrusion, your pipes may be improperly placed, or a pipe could be broken.

Five Reasons to Resolve a Clogged Drain

It’s time to call a professional to clear up your clogged drain when…

  1. You hear a percolating sound when you flush the toilet, water backs up in your pipes, and/or a terrible smell comes from your drain.
  2. You’re worried the clog will cause property damage.
  3. You’ve consistently had backups and clogs.
  4. Your child or a guest has flushed something down the drain that is now jammed in there.
  5. A drain clog seems impossible to clear up as a DIYer.

Do you have a drain clog that you can’t clear up with baking soda/vinegar or a plunger? Contact Clog Busters today!