10 Drain Cleaning Hacks You Can Try Today

We all know the disheartening feeling that arises when the water in your shower or sink won’t drain. It seems that clogged drains present themselves at the worst times. You might be enjoying a warm shower when, all of a sudden, water is pooling at your ankles. Or, perhaps you are cooking and flip on the sink disposal, only to find that the water refuses to drain or quickly fills up the sink only minutes later.

Before you let frustration take over, we’ve got 10 solutions that are sure to help clear your clogged drain quickly.

DIY Drain Cleaning Made Easy

With the helpful tips we’re revealing in this article, you can use regular household items you have around your home to tackle tough clogs. These tips are inexpensive and may just save the day.

Try one of the following 10 tips listed below the next time you have a stubborn drain that won’t clear.

1 – Boiling Water

Everyone has access to boiling water. Whether you use a kettle, stove, or microwave, all you need for this tip is some hot water.

Fill up a pan or your kettle with as much water as possible, bring it to a boil, then slowly pour it down your clogged drain. As you do this, pour little portions at a time. This will give the water time to work into the clog in between pours. Typically, homeowners see good results with this trick. Plus, it is free and easy.

2 – Wire Hanger

If you have a wire hanger in your house, then you have the means to create a homemade unclogging device. Straighten out the wire hanger, leaving a small hook or bend in the hanger that you can dunk headfirst into the drain.

This trick is especially useful for shower drains. You are bound to bring up hair and other debris, so be warned. Also, keep in mind that you want to be careful to fish stuff out of the drain, rather than push it further down.

After you have dug out as much hair and debris as possible, run the hot water for a few minutes. Your drain will then be clear and ready to use.

3 – Drain Snake

Drain snakes are lifesavers. A drain snake is a flexible, metal rope that has a spiral tip at the end, which is also made of metal.

With this device, you manually maneuver the end of the metal rope into the drain. Once you hit a stopping point, you bring the rope back up along with the clog. This is a great method that usually yields great results. And by results, we mean chunks of hair and gunk.

Drain snake down a sink

4 – Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you have access to a shop vacuum that can handle both wet and dry clean-up jobs, you may be in luck. Wet and dry vacuums can be used to treat stubborn clogs.

To start, set your vacuum to liquid mode. Next, cover around the vent to prevent any mess and create the tightest seal you can over the drain. If your vacuum is powerful enough, it should unclog the pipe and draw the clog into the vacuum bag. This may not be a foolproof method, but it is worth a try.

5 – Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide, or caustic soda, can be found at most hardware stores. It is highly toxic and can cause chemical burns. While handling this product, you will want to wear eye protection and rubber gloves. Always use caution and keep it away from children and pets.

For this method, you want to pour three-fourths of a gallon of cold water into a bucket and combine it with 3 cups of caustic soda. Stir the mixture well until it begins to heat up and fizz. Once the chemical reaction starts, pour the mixture into your clogged drain and leave it there for about 25 to 30 minutes. Finish with some boiling water down the drain.

Drain cleaning chemicals clearing a clog

6 – Baking Soda + Vinegar

You’ll need two household items you already have for this next trick. Take a third of a cup of baking soda and mix it with the same amount of vinegar. This will immediately cause a fizzing reaction. This fizz removes hair, grime, and other debris lurking in your drain.

For this mixture, you will want to let it sit overnight, or for at least an hour or two. As with our other tips, you will also want to flush this clog with boiling or hot water.

7 – Baking Soda + Salt

Here is another easy trick that involves items you already have in your pantry. Take half a cup of both baking soda and salt. Pour it down your blocked drain and let it sit for about 20 minutes, then follow-up with boiling water. The three ingredients combined will produce a chemical reaction that dissolves blockages and build-up.

8 – Baking Soda + Lemon Juice

Baking soda and lemon juice may also do the trick. Half a cup of baking soda combined with half a cup of lemon juice is all you need. Pour the mixture down the drain, plug it, and let it sit for an hour. Then, (you guessed it) pour some boiling water down the drain to finish the job.

Lemon juice is a great alternative to vinegar and as a bonus, it smells much better. However, lemon juice can be quite a bit more expensive than vinegar.

A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Drain

9 – Baking Soda + Cream of Tartar

This last trick involving baking soda will include cream of tartar. Take two cups of baking soda and mix in an eighth of a cup of cream of tartar, along with half a cup of salt. Shake up the solution in a jar to make sure it is well mixed. Let the mixture sit for at least an hour. Then, pour the mixture into your clogged drain.

10 – Hire a Professional

Alright, so this last tip isn’t a DIY, but it is important to mention. If you have tried multiple homemade drain cleaning remedies to no avail, it is time to call a professional drain cleaner. It can be dangerous to mix a bunch of chemicals, or repeatedly use over-the-counter drain cleaners. A professional drain cleaning service will have tools and expertise that will ensure your pipes are cleared effectively.

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