For many people, a clogged drain makes just about the worst situation in the world. Nobody has ever had fun cleaning one out. When plungers and snakes eventually fail, you may start to consider a chemical drain cleaner. If you have, we want to go over quickly why that may not prove the best idea.

Why you should avoid a chemical cleaner:

Chemical cleaners may seem like the easy solution, but they can actually cause a few problems. Weigh these factors into your decision to use one.

  • Chemical cleaners not only eat at clogs, but also the cement that glues your plumbing together. This can damage the integrity of your pipes, and eventually might cost you a lot in repairs.
  • Chemical cleaners also damage the environment. If you want to go green, non-chemical cleaning options have become available.
  • If you’ve got children or pets, these cleaners can harm them. Always keep them out of reach.

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