One of the potential downsides to in-ground plumbing is damage to your pipes by tree roots. Does this seem far-fetched, or seem to be an occurrence that only happens to careless people who don’t maintain their plumbing systems? Surprisingly, tree root damage can happen to any in-ground system at any time, even if there are no trees on your lot. Tree roots grow far and wide in a desperate search for water sources, one being vulnerable plumbing pipes.

Tree roots can grow 3 to 7 times the height of the tree, easily expanding over wide expanses of earth. In their quest for water and nutrients, roots are often drawn to plumbing pipes for their moisture in the midst of dry earth. These roots can worm their way into joints and imperfections in your plumbing pipes. Plumbing debris collects, trapped on the invading roots, clogging your pipes and causing a multitude of issues.

If you notice gurgling, slow flushing, slow draining, or backflow of water up into sinks or other fixtures, our professionals are on hand to investigate the problem. We are experienced in diagnosing plumbing complications and getting right to the root of the issue. If you suspect tree roots may be invading your pipes call our professionals at (503) 680-8947 to swiftly right your systems today!