Is Snaking a Drain Effective?

Drain cleaning and maintenance is usually done in a series of steps. As we complete one step, we get closer and closer to unclogging your drain and to discovering the source of your clog.

Snaking your drain isn’t the first step to take when you have a clog. Usually, customers call us after they’ve tried using a cleaner and/or plunging. Those are generally the first steps taken when it comes to a clogged drain.

What is involved in snaking a drain?

The first step of snaking a drain is matching the type of snake to the drain. Using the wrong snake for the type of drain can damage the snake and the drain itself. This is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional to snake your drain.

Next, your drain cleaning professional will push the snake through your drain and either break up the blockage or pull the clog out. After the blockage appears to be cleared up, we will check for any additional blockages by running water through the drain at high pressure.

What if my drain is still clogged?

Snaking a drain is usually an effective way to get rid of a clog. However, there are times when a blockage isn’t the cause of a backed up drain. Usually, clogs that persist after you get rid of any blockages are caused by something structural in the drain itself. Other possible reasons for a clog include:

  • Offset or broken pipes
  • Improperly graded pipes
  • Sagging pipes
  • Root intrusion

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