27318834_sDo you know when to call a plumber? If you don’t, you should. Certainly, there are many minor plumbing issues that can be remedied by homeowners with relative ease such as replacing washers in your fixtures or plunging away a small clog in your toilet.

However, there are more serious plumbing concerns that require the attention of a licensed professional, such as water heater malfunctions and ruptured piping. While these major breakdowns are easy to recognize it is better if you are able to recognize the signs of an issue as it develops and fix it before it becomes and expensive headache.

Staying proactive and prepared is the best way to handle any and all plumbing problems. It’s simple – the more you do to protect your plumbing fixtures, the longer they will last and the better they will perform. Knowing the signs of plumbing issues will help you recognize when it is time to call a plumbing professional.

What To Look For

No Cold Water: If your water is not heated adequately, it is likely an issue with your water heater. Consult a licensed plumber to learn if your unit requires repair or replacement.

Low Water Pressure: If water doesn’t come out of your faucets at a high enough pressure, there are several possible explanations for low water pressure.

Strange Noises: One of the easiest signs of plumbing issues to recognize is when your plumbing equipment makes strange sounds such as clanging, banging and crashing.

Leaking Fixtures: If your sinks, faucets or other fixtures are leaking water they may need to be replaced.