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One of the Best Trenchless Sewer Repair Methods

Is the sewer system at your home or business acting up? Have no fear. The Clog Busters team is ready to help. We’re happy to diagnose the cause of your sewer issues and help get things back up and running before you know it. 

Our team offers a high level of knowledge about sewer problems in Beaverton, OR. We are experts at diagnosing and repairing sewer lines, and we are always prepared to help out when you need us. When we repair sewer lines, the most common method we use is cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in Beaverton. This trenchless sewer repair method helps fix your sewer problems without causing the slightest damage to your backyard.

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What is Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)?

Cured-in-place pipe lining is one of the most widely used trenchless sewer repair methods. It allows us to repair your sewer line without digging any trenches in your yard, which makes it cleaner–and faster–than many other sewer repair or replacement methods. 

The first thing we’ll do is insert a liner into your pipe. Then, our team will inflate the liner and cure the new and improved pipe inside of the current pipe using steam or UV light. That will repair your sewer pipe, helping it work at its best.

CIPP lining is not just efficient but economical. In fact, homeowners save thousands of dollars on repairs through this trenchless sewer repair technique.

Want to see a before and after of a CIPP installation? Check out the video below. The backyard was over 115 feet long. We got into the sewer through the cleanout. Then, we were able to repair the sewer problems without digging into the client’s beautiful yard.

Our Process | CIPP Lining in Beaverton

These are the general steps when you request CIPP lining in Beaverton, OR:

1 – Inspection

You can live anywhere in Beaverton’s 11+ neighborhoods, from Canyon Road to Cedar Hills or SW 155th Avenue. Whether you’re near one of the city’s many parks or situated close to downtown, we’re glad to make the drive over and inspect your sewer line. 

Our team will perform a thorough pipe inspection utilizing a camera first and foremost. That will tell us whether or not CIPP lining is suitable for you or if another sewer repair method would be in your best interest. 

2 – Setup and Prep

Once we’re done inspecting the sewer line, we’ll verify that CIPP lining will be the right fit. Then, we’ll take the time to measure the sanitary sewer so that we can ensure that the new sewer line will be small enough to go inside of the open pipe or cleanout. 

3 – Remove Roots and Debris

It’s important that we clean the sewer line before installing the CIPP liner to ensure there are no roots, debris, or anything else left behind in your pipes. We’ll use a high-pressure jet for this step.

4 – Insert Liner, and Establish Sewer Connections

We must enter the sewer line via the cleanout, open pipe, or manhole to install the liner inside of the sewer pipe. Once the pipe is inverted with the bladder, our team will utilize our camera to verify that the pipe is fully inflated and in the proper position.

We’ll remove the camera after this step is finished and proceed to let steam into the line. That will move air to the end of the line and out through the steam hole. Our team always inspects the bladder once this is complete, and we’ll restore your sewer connection if needed. 

5 – Conduct Quality Control Test

To ensure your CIPP lining in Beaverton works as intended, we’ll take this opportunity to do a few quality control checks. You’re welcome to ask us questions during this process. Our team is happy to answer them for you.

Benefits of CIPP Lining

  • It Doesn’t Damage Your Landscape: Since there’s no digging involved when we install CIPP lining, you can feel peace of mind that your beautiful yard will stay intact. 
  • It’s Quick to Install: CIPP lining installations are fast and painless. It generally takes a maximum of one day to get the liner installed, which is much quicker than alternative repair options. 
  • It’s Easy on the Budget: You’ll find that getting CIPP lining is a cost-effective way to repair your sewer lines. We don’t want to charge an arm and a leg for good service. We just want to help you get the service you need!

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FAQs About CIPP Lining 

Answers From One of the Top CIPP Lining Companies in Beaverton, OR

1 – Is CIPP Lining Safe?

Absolutely. With a CIPP lining installation, we’re not digging any trenches. That makes it safe for your pipes, your yard, and your garden. It’s also safe for our techs. We use video recording equipment to assist us throughout the installation.

2 – Can You Use Water During the CIPP Liner Installation?

You won’t be able to use water when the installation is taking place. We ask that you don’t turn on the dishwasher, shower, or washing machine until we give you the go-ahead. You’ll also want to steer clear of flushing your toilet temporarily. 

The reason you can’t use water is that your home will not be hooked up to the public sewer system during the install, and we don’t want any water backing up into your house. 

3 – How Long Is the CIPP Liner Curing Process?

Allocate about 12-24 hours for the full installation. After the install is done, we’ll do a couple of quality control checks. Then, we’ll give you the green light on when it’s safe to turn your water on again. 

4 – How Long Does the Cured-in-Place Pipe Last?

A CIPP liner lasts anywhere between 10-30 years on average. (They’ve also been known to last for up to five decades in certain situations.) Curing them the right way is vital to helping your CIPP liners last as long as possible. 

5 – What Is the Cost of CIPP Lining?

You’re looking at anywhere from $80-$250 per foot to install CIPP lining in Beaverton. This is much more affordable than installing all new pipes. It also causes a lot less damage than other sewer repair methods available today. Looking for a free estimate for your trenchless sewer repair? Feel free to reach out.


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