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Call Today to Schedule Your Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

When you have sewer problems that just won’t stop, Clog Busters is here to step in and help. Recurrent sewer issues indicate a need for a sewer line repair or replacement. However, these usually pose a hazard to your yard, which can be a downer. Fortunately, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is safe for your backyard. If you call us for CIPP lining in Wilsonville, OR, we’d love to get a technician out right away for an assessment.

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What Is Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining?

Cured-in-place pipe lining is the latest sewer repair method. It’s trenchless, which is a huge difference from many other repair and replacement methods for your sewer. (It’s also a lot cheaper in general.)

We’ll put in a liner, fill it, and cure it in the old pipe using either UV light or steam to help the sewer line work its best once again. Pipe lining is both quick to install and effective!

Want to see a CIPP lining installation before and after? The client’s backyard exceeded 115 feet long, and we got into the sewer through the cleanout. Using pipe lining, we fixed their sewer line without causing any problems in their backyard.

Our Process | CIPP Lining in Wilsonville, OR

Below is how CIPP lining works for homes in Wilsonville and the surrounding cities:

1 – Inspection

Wilsonville is a beautiful, small city located in both Clackamas and Washington Counties. Wherever in the city you live, we will happily come to you to inspect your sewer line. That is important to do before installing CIPP lining since not all sewer lines are compatible. We’ll use a camera to assist with this process.

2 – Setup and Prep

As long as the inspection goes without a hitch, we’ll move forward with setting up and preparing for the pipe lining installation. One of the first things we’ll do is measure the sanitary sewer. That will tell us how big of a sewer line is needed. 

3 – Remove Roots and Debris

Got roots or debris in your sewer pipes? Not a problem. Our high-pressure jet will flush out the system to ensure there are no blockages before we put in the pipe liner. 

4 – Insert Liner, and Establish Sewer Connections

Once all is well with the roots and debris, there are a few ways we can go into the pipe. That includes the manhole, cleanout, or open pipe. After the liner is transposed inside the bladder, our contractors will utilize a camera to complete the install. Then, we’ll take out the camera and put steam in the pipe to move the air toward the end of the line and through the steam hole. We may also need to establish the sewer line connection again if needed. 

5 – Conduct Quality Control Test

The final step is quality control. After we are done, all should be working great again with your sewer line. That means you can resume your normal activities, whether that means grocery shopping at Frey Meyer, checking out Bullwinkle’s Entertainment with your family, or bowling at Wilsonville Lanes.  

Benefits of CIPP Lining Installations

  • Friendly to Your Garden: Traditional sewer repair methods might put you in a tough spot if they require digging up your garden or backyard–but not pipe lining. It’s completely trenchless, protecting the beautiful garden you worked so hard to create. 
  • Timely Install: Even if sewer work needs to get done, it should not have to take up your whole day. Our professional CIPP lining contractors work hard to make sure we get things done fast and correctly the first time around. 
  • Cost-Effective: There’s no need to get a brand-new sewer line when you get CIPP lining in Wilsonville. That helps you save both time and money. 

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FAQs About CIPP Lining 

Responses From One of the Top CIPP Lining Companies in Wilsonville, OR

1 – Is CIPP Lining Safe?

Indeed, our CIPP lining is safe. That’s because it’s a trenchless sewer repair method (i.e., no trenches are dug into the landscape). Not to mention, it’s safe for our CIPP lining contractors since we use high-tech video technology to help with the installation so that we can monitor everything in real time. 

2 – Should You Use Water During the CIPP Liner Installation?

We ask that you refrain from water use during the CIPP liner installation. That means no washer, shower, toilet flushing, or dishwashing. There’s a chance the water might back up into the house, which is why we recommend steering clear until we give you the go-ahead. 

3 – How Long Does the Cured-in-Place Pipe Last?

You can expect the pipe to stay good for anywhere from 10-30+ years with the right installation and quality control checks. 

4 – What Is the Cost of CIPP Lining?

CIPP lining ranges from $80-$250 per foot in general. You may find that it’s more affordable to get CIPP lining in Wilsonville than to replace your sewer line.


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