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Are you having issues with the sewer at your house or place of business? If so, Clog Busters is here to lend a hand. We can diagnose the reason for your sewer problems and get things fixed in no time at all. 

The Clog Busters team has multiple years of experience diagnosing and repairing sewer issues here in Hillsboro and the surrounding cities. One of our most highly requested sewer repair methods is cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in Hillsboro. By using this trenchless sewer repair method, we can restore your sewer line to optimal condition without disrupting your backyard.

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What is Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining?

Like we hinted at above, cured-in-place pipe lining is a trenchless sewer repair technique that we use to fix your sewer line without digging into your backyard. This is one of the quickest options if you need a sewer repair or replacement.

To get started, our team will put a flexible liner into the current pipe. Next, we’ll inflate this liner and cure your new pipe in place via UV light or steam. Soon, your sewer pipe will be as good as new.

You’ll find that CIPP lining is not just an efficient way to repair your sewer line, but it’s also budget friendly. Homeowners just like you save thousands on repairs and backyard damage by using our high-end trenchless sewer repair method. 

Check out our video below for a before and after of one of our recent CIPP installations. The backyard exceeded 115 feet in length. However, what we ended up doing was entering the sewer via the cleanout. This helped us to fix the issues without digging into our client’s backyard or affecting their garden.

Our Process | CIPP Lining in Hillsboro

Here’s what we do when you ask for CIPP lining in Hillsboro:

1 – Inspection

Clog Busters performs sewer inspections in various parts of Hillsboro, including but not limited to Andover Street, Bluebird Drive, Manchester Way, Overlook Drive, and West Baseline Road. 

We’ll happily drive to you and inspect your pipes with a camera before installing your CIPP liner. During this inspection, we’ll see if a CIPP liner is, in fact, a good solution or if another sewer repair method would work better for you. 

2 – Setup and Prep

After inspecting your sewer line and making sure that CIPP lining is a good match for your needs, the next step is to measure your sanitary sewer. This will make sure the sewer line will fit within the open pipe or cleanout. 

3 – Remove Roots and Debris

In this step, our team will clean out your sewer line using a high-pressure jet. We’ll focus on getting rid of any roots, debris, and anything else that’s inside of your pipes. 

4 – Insert Liner, and Establish Sewer Connections

To put the liner into your sewer pipe, we’ll need to go in through the open pipe, cleanout, or manhole. After the pipe is inverted with the bladder, we’ll use a camera to make sure that the pipe has gone where it needs to go and is fully inflated. 

Then, we’ll take the camera out and add steam to the line. This pushes air to the end of the line and out of the steam hole. We’ll be sure to inspect the bladder at the end and restore the sewer connection if the need arises. 

5 – Conduct Quality Control Test

We want to make sure your CIPP liner works its best. That’s why we end the installation with various quality control checks. Throughout this process, feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding your CIPP lining in Hillsboro. We’re here to help. 

Benefits of CIPP Lining

  • Safe for Your Landscape: While there are situations when digging is necessary, CIPP lining can generally be done without a trench in sight. That can spare your backyard from damage and still allow us to get to and repair your sewer pipes. 
  • Quick Installation: When you get a CIPP lining, you don’t have to worry about the installation getting in the way of your schedule or operations. It’s a relatively fast process compared to traditional excavation methods. 
  • Affordable: CIPP lining tends to be more economical than other sewer repair methods you have access to in Oregon’s fifth-largest city because there’s no digging involved. Clog Busters is all about saving you money. 

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Clog Busters has the experience you need to repair your sewer line and keep your landscape safe from damage. When you choose us, you can look forward to speedy response times, reliable technicians who know their stuff, and high-end service every step of the way. 

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FAQs About CIPP Lining 

Answers From One of the Leading CIPP Lining Companies in Hillsboro, OR

1 – Is CIPP Lining Safe?

Yes, it is. This sewer repair method doesn’t involve trenches or digging. That means that it’s safe for pipes both new and old, as well as your backyard. (You’ll have no problem inviting your guests over and enjoying your outdoor space, just as much as you enjoy golfing, wine-tasting, and checking out the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market.)

CIPP lining installations are also safe for our technicians. We utilize special video recording equipment during the installation to keep an eye on what’s going on at all times.

2 – Can You Use Water During the CIPP Liner Installation?

Unfortunately, no. You will want to hold off on using your shower, dishwasher, or washing machine for the time being. In addition, you won’t be able to flush the toilet for a bit. 

Why can’t you use water? It’s because you won’t be hooked up to the public sewer while the installation is taking place. That means that the water could end up backing up into your home if it’s used in excess. 

3 – How Long Is the CIPP Liner Curing Process?

Plan for the installation to take anywhere from 12-24 hours. Once the installation is complete, we’ll do quality control checks to make sure the installation and curing are good to go.

Curing your CIPP liner is essential to make sure the liner stays put within the pipe and effectively replaces your old pipe. You can turn your water right back on after we’re done installing the pipe liner. 

4 – How Long Does the Cured-in-Place Pipe Last?

CIPP liners are good for between 10-30 years in general. Sometimes, they can even last for as much as 50 years. One of the keys to helping your CIPP liner last for the long term is to cure them fully.

5 – What Is the Cost of CIPP Lining?

Installing CIPP lining in Hillsboro costs about $80-$250 per foot. You’ll find that it costs less than getting new pipes. Not to mention, it’s much less invasive than alternative sewer repair techniques. Talk to us today if you’d like a free estimate for a trenchless sewer repair for your home. 


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