Tigard, OR

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Tigard, OR Drain and Sewer Services

Downtown_Tigard_Oregon-300x206When your sewer backs up or your drain stops flowing properly, it can be not only a hassle but a hazard to you and your family’s health. Don’t let these damages go unattended. Instead, call our expert team right away for help. Clog Busters LLC is the industry leader in sewer repairs and drain cleaning. We use state of the art technology to ensure the job is done to the best of our abilities. Talk to us today for drain cleaning or sewer line repairs and replacement in Tigard, OR.

As a locally owned and operated company, we are a part of the community and believe in treating every client’s home like our own. This means that we will not only provide you with the repairs you need, we will also leave your home clean and in better condition then when we arrived.

Tigard, OR, was founded by several families, most notably the Tigard family. Though it had humble beginnings with a general store, school and meeting hall, the town has flourished over the years. It is now home to over 48,000 people and a variety of businesses. We are proud to serve this thriving town with high quality sewer repairs and drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning and More

Not only do we provide sewer line repairs and replacement, we are also draincatch-basin-leaves-300x144-300x144 specialists. A clogged drain can be not only a frustration, but also can cause damages to your property. We employ the use of hydro-jetting to clear drains without the use of harsh chemicals. If you have clogged catch basins or rain drains, contact our team for help. No matter what drain clog you are facing, we have the solution for your problem.

We also can assist you in repiping waterlines. Often old homes in the area still have original waterlines that are corroding internally. If this is the case in your home talk to us about replacing these waterlines with new copper or PEX piping.

When it comes to sewer line repairs and replacement in Tigard, OR, no one beats our state of the art work. We use trenchless technology to replace and repair sewer lines which means less hassle for you and less damage to your property. Our goal is for your complete satisfaction and we work hard to ensure our reputation remains spotless. Feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have regarding drain cleaning or sewer repairs.

What Customers are Saying


“While no one wants to have problems like this, its good to know there are places like Clog Busters that would rather sleep at night and give you and honest days work.”


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